Car Scrapping Process

Selling A Car For Scrap


• You share your car details like Registration/Ownership, loan details, make, model, condition, details of accessories etc.
• On receipt of above details, Omzee shares a quote for your car and describes you the process.
• Omzee verifies ownership and history for pending challan, loan or cases.
• Omzee executive visits your place and verifies car and documents.

Scrap Deal And Paper Work


• On completion of due diligence of vehicle by Omzee executive, he will pay you agreed value along with assurance note.
• Assurance note mentions that the liability of car after date and time mentioned in the assurance note rests with Omzee or with an ‘associate of Omzee.
• This will make you free from any legal liability arising from misuse of car.
Note: We have free pickup facility for our customers.

Scrapping Of The Car


• Omzee takes out chassis number from car body by cutting out metal.
• Chassis number is handed to you if you don’t choose to get your car deregistered with the help of Omzee.
• If you choose to get your car deregistered Omzee will handover chassis number to Authority.
Note: Omzee strongly recommends deregistration of your car.

Disposal Of Car Scrap


• Omzee takes out hazardous fluids and battery out of car for safe disposal.
• Scrap metal is taken, shredded properly and sold to scrap dealer.
• Some spare parts (not bearing any identity) are recycled.
Note: During the disposal process all car body parts bearing any identity number mentioned in registration are shredded to prevent misuse.